Congrats Wes!

Congratulations to Wes Bickford for successfully defending his dissertation, Plant invasions and microbes: the interactive effects of plant-associated microbes on invasiveness of Phragmites australis, in December. Also congrats to his committee Deborah Goldberg (co-chair), Don Zak (co-chair), Ines Ibáñez, Tim James and Kurt P. Kowalski (USGS). Wes has been one of the busiest grad students I know. While doing research for his PhD, he continued to work at USGS, had to keep up with all the gossip in two separate labs and managed to have two beautiful children during his tenure.

He is now back to a full-time position at USGS in the Great Lakes Science Center, and everyone in the Soils lab wishes you the best as you move forward. Congrats to Dr. Wes Bickford!

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